Tea Blossoms Blog Articles: 4 cups of tea a day 'reduces stroke risk'

4 cups of tea a day ‘reduces stroke risk’

4 cups of tea a day ‘reduces stroke risk’

If you have ever wondered how to reduce your risk of stroke beyond the usual advice of leading a healthy lifestyle, it seems that drinking four cups of tea a day could be the answer.

Experts based at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden discovered that regular tea consumption can lower the likelihood of suffering a stroke by as much as a fifth.

Black tea is apparently the key to good health, as the scientists found that the chances of having a blood clot on the brain were reduced by 21 per cent, reports the UK’s Daily Mail.

The results were compiled following a study of almost 75,000 men and women, all of whom were in good health when they signed up for the long-term research project.

Over the course of the next ten years, 4,000 of them had suffered a stroke – scientists monitored their tea drinking habits, as well as other factors that could impact their chances of facing health problems.

One of the experts explained the reasons behind the health benefits of tea: “Tea is thought to have beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk because of its flavonoid content.

“Daily consumption of one to three cups a day was not associated with stroke risk, but men and women who consumed four cups or more a day had a 21 per cent lower risk compared with those who never drank tea.”

Stroke continues to be a prominent health problem among Australians – figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show that almost 350,000 people have suffered a stroke at some point in their lives.

Older people are more likely to have been affected, as 80 per cent of Australians who have had a stroke were over the age of 60.

Strokes are more common among women than men, although there has been a fall in fatalities over recent years.

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