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Blooming Tea beats Coffee on the Run MR

Blooming Tea beats Coffee on the Run MR

Blooming Tea beats ​"Coffee on the Run​"

Tea wins worldwide popularity poll: Studies show tea is now the second most consumed beverage after water.

(19 July 2012)

Once the premise of fashionable society, tea drinking is now enjoying a resurgence, particularly with devotees of the health and well being industry.

The new Australian Company TEA BLOSSOMS is helping to further this trend, with the development of its exquisite new range of Blooming Green Teas.

Blooming Green teas, or ​"artistic flower tea​" are entirely handmade and combine both Oriental and Western elements to create a splendid infusion that is especially suitable for the Western palate.

TEA BLOSSOMS​ hand made blooming green tea balls are created with rare, early season tea leaves which are only available for a short time each year. These young leaves are the lowest in caffeine. They go through the minimum oxidation process which preserves the high antioxidant quality and essential oils.

The leaves are then tied together around fresh flower blossoms and carefully rolled into tight balls before being gently steamed. The newly formed silver balls are then dried and the fresh, natural flowers provide a delicate flavour and aroma and their own health benefits.

The Chinese have known about the healing qualities of green tea for centuries, some of which are said to relieve toxins, aid digestion, clear the eyes, help burn more calories and prevent a variety of conditions, from heart disease, cancer, lowering of bad cholesterol, immunity-boosting and gum disease. Another very important quality of ​"Blooming Green Tea​" is to improve elasticity and protect the skin from sun damage and aging by reducing inflammation.

The TEA BLOSSOMS range of handmade Blooming Tea is realistically priced at around $2 per ball, with up to 4 tall glasses of tea from each ball.

Tea is said to offer the ideal antidote to the stress and strain of modern living, being both invigorating and pacifying. Rather than sip on a soft drink or coffee, Blooming tea is perfect for the health conscious as it combines the healing benefits of green tea together with the scent and taste of natural flowers.

TEA BLOSSOMS is very keen to promote the cancer preventing qualities of tea by supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation for the prevention and cure of breast cancer. 20% of the revenue from every purchases goes to the Foundation.

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