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Can drinking tea reduce cognitive decline?

Can drinking tea reduce cognitive decline?

The health benefits of tea have been discussed for some time, but a new study has suggested that it could be linked to reduced cognitive decline.

The American Society of Nutrition found that the effects of tea drinking on mental function were greater for women than men, although both sexes can benefit.

Individuals with a high tea intake - seven cups or more per day - were found to have a 63 per cent reduction in cognitive impairment than those who did not drink tea at all.

Medium tea drinkers - namely those who have between four and six cups a day - were shown to have a 55 per cent reduction in cognitive function.

For those who drank one to three cups each day, a 44 per cent fall was recorded.

Dr Tim Bond from the Tea Advisory Panel commented: "These effects were most evident for black (fermented) and oolong (semi-fermented) teas, in contrast, no association between coffee intake and cognitive status was found."

He described the findings as "great news" for tea drinkers, as they offer further support to the notion that tea is one of the healthiest drinks around.

Statistics from the Tea Advisory Panel show that tea without milk is free of calories - adding semi-skimmed milk, contributes around 13 calories per cup although has the benefits of minerals and calcium.

Drinking four cups with milk will provide 21 per cent of your daily calcium requirement.

Tea is also an excellent source of manganese, which is important for body development and bone growth, as well as potassium, which is effective at keeping up body fluid levels.

Not only this, tea is a natural source of fluoride, so drinking four cups a day can make a real difference to daily intake, giving your health a further boost.

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