Darjeeling Tea
Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea

Taking its name from the region it is found in Darjeeling tea derives from the Darjeeling region of West Bengal in India. It is traditionally considered to be the most premium of all black teas, particularly by the tea drinkers from Great Britain and the countries of the British Commonwealth. The tea plant grows on the rich soil of the hilly terrain of Darjeeling, hence the name.

Darjeeling tea is unique in that it can not be cultivated anywhere else in the world due to an international trade laws established by the government of India. If you are considering visiting a one-of-a-kind Darjeeling estate, there is a lengthy list to chose from. Aside from the Makaibari estate, others include Arya, Chamong, Glenburn, Lingia, Castleton, Jungpana, Margret's Hope, Risheehat, Ambootia, Avongrove, Balasun, just to name a few.

In drinking form Darjeeling tea is quite a light coloured tea with a floral aroma, it is also thin bodied. Its slightly musky flavour gives off a cooling aftertaste. Milk can also be added to Darjeeling tea, but that depends on the individual.

The grading of Darjeeling tea is usually done by size and quality, and can be broken down into four groups; whole leaf, broken leaf, fannings and dust. The Darjeeling plant processing is very similar to what Darjeeling tea undergoes, with some benefits being reduced due to allot of oxidation in the process to create the tea and taste that is has, thus for maximum possible health results opt for white or green tea. However Darjeeling teabenefits such ashelping with weight loss, (for more info see tea in weightloss). Darjeeling tea may help enhance the immune system and lessen the risk for cell damage which in turn may lead to cancer. The other thing it is excellent for is relieving tension and nerves, as well as in the fight against common flu's, viruses, and colds, and also the not so common, diarrhea, cystitis and skin infections. Other benefits lie in oral health, by strengthening teeth and fighting cavities.

On the beauty side of things Darjeeling tea has uncanny properties which assist in skin looking younger. It's unique antioxidants help revive and rejuvenate your skin to ensure you stay younger for longer, from the inside out.

Aside from black tea, the flavonoid quercetin can also be found in such fruits as apples, vegetables such as onions, and drinks such as red wine. Darjeeling also carries a high magnesium content meaning it helps bones and teeth stay strong and healthy, and also reducing severity of asthma attacks. It can also be a substitute to your daily coffee as it carries a sufficient amount of caffeine, with added benefits that coffee will never bring you, thus swapping coffee for tea might just be the health point you won't want to miss.

Tea Blossom sources its Darjeeling tea from only the very best of cultivation crops in India. It is completely organic and is locked with all the beneficial things it could possibly have. There is no other tea quite like it, and we at Tea Blossoms are proud to say that we stand by our belief that we bring you only the very best because that is what you deserve, nothing less.

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