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Have you ever considered the health benefits of tea?

Have you ever considered the health benefits of tea?

The health benefits of tea are no secret – for many years, researchers all over the world have been giving us plenty of reasons to enjoy different varieties of tea. However, there may be some qualities that you might not have considered, but that may have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. The Tea Advisory Panel has put together some of its top facts about tea, which could just encourage you to increase your intake!

Tea contains plenty of minerals

We’re always being encouraged to increase our intake of minerals – and tea could be just what you need to achieve this! Tea contains all sorts of essential minerals such as manganese, which is great for bone growth and body development, while potassium helps to boost body fluid levels.

Tea helps to keep fluid levels up

Did you know that around 40 per cent of the world’s fluid intake today will be tea? Keeping fluid levels high has all sorts of advantages, as it can help prevent the body from overheating and even make sure the skin looks radiant.

Tea is low in calories

Unlike some drinks, tea is naturally low in calories – drinking it without milk is the best way to keep your intake of calories as low as possible. Putting semi-skimmed milk into your black tea and it will add around 13 calories to your cup, but the best part is that this will increase the amount of minerals and calcium you are consuming. In fact, four cups of tea with milk will provide you with 21 per cent of your daily calcium requirement.

Tea contains antioxidants and caffeine

Black and green tea originates from the same plant, which is high in natural antioxidants and caffeine. Antioxidants in particular are good for you as they help to keep free radicals at bay.

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