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What to expect from our blooming teas

What to expect from our blooming teas

If you have ever browsed our website and come across our range of blooming tea, you might well have wondered what it is. This is our most unique product and it has the potential to wow any afternoon tea guests you might have – here is an idea of what you can expect.

Blooming teas – how they work Each petal of the blooming tea is sewn together into a bud, which you then place into hot water. We recommend using glass tea service sets to get the full effect – simply place the bud in the bottom of the cup or teapot and watch as it comes to life. The hot water will cause each of the petals to open up, eventually forming a flower.

The petals will infuse the water with colour, flavour and aroma, creating a great tasting tea. Make an impression Blooming tea is a fantastic addition to an afternoon tea party, not least because it will add a talking point and wow your guests.

Tea is traditionally surrounded by ceremony, so integrate this into your own gathering and you are sure not to be disappointed with the outcome! Varieties of blooming tea The best thing about our range of blooming tea is that a number of different varieties are available. So, whether you are a green tea fan or would rather indulge in a black tea, there is sure to be a product that is suited to your needs.

Our green jasmine tea blooming balls, for example, offer an explosion of different shades of green, as well as the fresh aroma of jasmine. If black tea is more your thing, take a look at our black blooming tea vanilla drops, which offer natural sweetness, as well as the bold taste you would expect from your usual brew.

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