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Green Tea and 'Asian Paradox'

Give your wellbeing a boost with green tea

Give your wellbeing a boost with green tea

Tea has been linked to good general wellbeing for centuries, but one modern day expert has been keen to promote the health benefits of green tea.

Research indicates that green tea is a rich natural source of antioxidants and even properties that can help prevent the onset of cancer and heart disease.

Michael Smith, naturopath at The Health Nut and nutritionist, explained it is the epigallocatechin-3-gallate component that is doing much of the good work.

He told the Gladstone Observer: “In supplements, that’s the component they put in from green tea. I often tell people to drink green tea for anti-ageing.”

Other benefits of green tea include preventing heart attacks, keeping blood pressure low and stopping blood clotting – there is also evidence to suggest it can benefit weight loss and digestion.

Mr Smith recommended drinking green tea in the morning or throughout the day – suggesting that it is better to brew your own from loose leaf tea.

“If someone is doing a detox, then having green tea instead of coffee is a great thing to do,” added the expert.

Brewing the perfect cup of green tea

Should you have decided to boost your intake of green tea then you will need to know how to make the perfect brew!

If you are taking Mr Smith’s advice and using loose leaf tea, make sure you use fresh boiling water and add approximately one rounded teaspoon of tea for each cup you are serving.

The amount of time you brew for will depend on the variety of tea – gunpowder green tea typically takes around three to four minutes, while sencha will need around two to two-and-a-half minutes.

The best way to know is to refer to the instructions on the packet, which will be tailored to the exact variety of tea you are using.

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