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Health benefits of tea include ‘lower risk of prostate cancer’

Health benefits of tea include 'lower risk of prostate cancer'

The health benefits of tea are well established, but a new study has shown prostate cancer can be added to the list of diseases prevented by regular cuppas.

Dutch scientists found that men who drink five cups or more of tea a day lower their chances of advanced prostate cancer by 33 per cent, the UK's Daily Mail reports.

Analysing data from 58,279 men, the researchers were able to link diets that were high in flavonoids (which are contained in tea) with health benefits.

The study also found a 25 per cent reduced risk of Stage II cancer, which is when the tumour has grown within the prostate, but has not yet spread.

Advanced cancer (Stage IV) is when the disease has moved to the bones, lymph nodes or liver.

It is thought the flavonoids in tea help to prevent the cancer cells from forming tumours.

Around 3,300 men in Australia die of prostate cancer each year, with 20,000 new cases diagnosed every 12 months.

Lead researcher at the Maastricht University Dr Milan Geybels said: "We had data on tumour stages for most cases which made it possible to stratify data against the stage of the disease.

"Our study included a large number of advanced stage prostate cancers."

Not only this, the health benefits of tea were not hampered by any extras added to the brew, whether it was milk, sugar, lemon or sweetener.

The news comes not long after the American Society of Nutrition revealed that tea may help prevent cognitive decline in both women and men.

People who drank seven or more cups of tea a day were shown to have a 63 per cent reduction in their rate of mental decline compared with those who do not drink tea.

A single cup of tea provides around 150-200 mg of flavonoids, making it a rich resource for the metabolite.

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