Iced teas history and health benefits
Iced teas history and health benefits

Iced teas

Iced teas

Popularity for iced tea developed in the 19th century when chilled green tea was served with heavily spiked liquor, although documents of use of iced tea date back to even the 17th century. South Carolina was the only colony in America producing tea plants, and when the plant spread thanks to French explorer and botanist Andre Michaux bringing other exotic species to develop and provide variety for tea lovers across America, as he travelled. From that moment on, iced tea recipes were added to cookbooks of nearly every household. These popular punches were made with green tea, rather than black as is most commonly seen today.

Apart from the conventional tea, ice and sugar combination, assorted other ingredients were often added to make the tea a little out of the ordinary. It was common to see things such as juice, currant jelly, sweet cream, alcohol, and of course, lemons and lots of sugar used in the cocktail. Black tea started to make a comeback in the early 1900's, replacing green tea and at times a combination of the two were used. By the 1920's black tea was the official favourite. In 1839 the recipe for chilled tea punch was published in The Kentucky Housewife, (using green tea). In 1880 a slight turn is taken, and green tea begins to be replaced by black tea in assorted publishing's.

View all range of our tea shop products. Back when iced tea was just starting out, you could be sure to be enjoying something truly exclusive and special. With today's technology and fast-paced lifestyle it is easy to forget what takes priority and in more cases than not, the fast and easy option wins, hence the boom in the powders and concentrates that aim to resemble tea are the base ingredient now. In knowing that, it is also extremely important to know that there are still products out there that ensure your tea tasting experience is nothing less than perfect whilst being nourishing for your body and soul.

Recipes have been known to be passed along from mother to daughter for generations, making them ever so special and important. Iced tea still has the same beneficial properties as tea which is served traditional and hot. It contains certain antioxidants, amino acids, it also prevents from certain disorders and has been known to enhance the immune system. Iced tea is the also the perfect solution to a hot day, giving your body the break and revitalisation it needs to function at its peak.

There are different iced tea methodology, each creating specific flavour and aroma. The hot steep method is the most regular; once tea is steeped it is left to cool and chilled to the desired taste. Another technique is the concentrate process, boiling water is also used but the water to tea ratio is drastically altered. A lot less water is added to create a thick (tea extract). Once that is created, a whole lot of cold water is added to create the perfect iced tea, in no time. The last method is the cold method and probably the easiest; the tea is steeped in cold water for a prolonged amount of time to get the desired taste and concentrate. This takes longer but the end result is certainly worth the wait.

However some bad things have happened since the introduction of iced tea into the marketplace, with so much out there it can be difficult and overwhelming to find the right product to suit you and your lifestyle but you can always be sure to feel one hundred percent satisfied when purchasing from the perfectly formulated range of organic teas that Tea Blossoms has to offer. Tea Blossoms aim is to provide only the very best and is committed not to compromise quality over quantity, which mean you know that you are purchasing only the very best, every time.

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