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Keep your cold at bay with honey tea

Keep your cold at bay with honey tea

With winter now in full swing, the chances are that some of those around you will already be coming down with the common cold.

Aside from dosing yourself up with over-the-counter painkillers and other remedies, did you know that a cup of tea could be just what you need to make you feel better?

Not only can the steam from the tea help to clear your sinuses, but the flavours and aromas of loose leaf tea can also help to relax you and possibly even relieve headache symptoms.

Honey tea is one of the best brews you can try when suffering from a cold, especially as it’s refreshing, natural flavours can help perk you up when you’re feeling far from perfect.

Our honey lemon single-serving sachets are made from 100 per cent natural lemon juice and essence, so you don’t even need to raid your kitchen cupboard when you feel like brewing up.

The lemon is complemented by mountain flower honey, which has a natural sweetness that will awaken your senses and help you get back on your feet in no time.

The great thing about these sachets is that they can be carried around with you, so if you’re still heading into the office, just put them in your bag to help you get through the day.

There is research to suggest that honey tea is effective at boosting the immune system, which will no doubt be something your body needs when you come down with the common cold.

In addition to this, it is a fantastic source of vitamin C – another thing that can only do wonders for your body!

So don’t get down by the winter blues, as a tea such as this could be just what you crave for a much-needed boost.

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