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Keep tea in your diet

Keep tea in your diet

A couple of weeks into 2013 and people will no doubt be taking stock of their New Year's resolutions.

Drinking tea could help you maintain a healthy lifestyle over the coming months, as suggested by the UK-based Tea Council.

Acknowledging that many people will have resolved to live healthier lives this year, it has pointed out areas where tea can help you work towards your goals.

For example, if you have decided to cut down on caffeine then tea could be the perfect drink - the group claims that four cups a day has been proven to boost concentration.

Four cups should contain enough caffeine to keep your concentration on track, but without sending you hyperactive at the same time.

There is also some debate over the health benefits of green tea - some people believe it is better for you than black tea, but the Tea Council reveals that this is simply not true.

Both are rich in antioxidants that help protect the body against free radicals and are therefore good for your body.

If reducing calories is on the agenda for 2013, nutrition consultant Lynne Garton urges tea drinkers to take a look at what they are adding to their mugs - tea in itself is calorie-free.

She told the Tea Council: "If you drink three cups a day, making the change from full fat to semi-skimmed milk cuts out 21 kcals per day. Over a year this equals to more than two pounds of weight loss."

If you prefer your tea a little on the sweet side, then consider drinking black tea with a slice of lemon - honey is high in calories and is therefore not much better for you than sugar!

Should sweeteners be your preferred option, take a look at the packaging to make sure they are not high in calories.

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