Blooming Tea Gift Box - Red Lily, Jasmine and Peach flavour (6 balls)

Blooming Tea Gift Box – Green tea, Red Lily, Jasmine and Peach flavour (6 balls)

Why not enjoy this tea with a light meal or on its own? It is excellent with or without honey and sugar.

These tender high-grade green tea buds have been topped with stunning lily and jasmine flowers to bring you a tea that is both elegant and light. The delicate taste of peach complements the green tea perfectly, providing a long lasting fruity taste that you can enjoy time and time again.

Green tea in itself is known for having various health benefits – it is believed to encourage the body to function better, as well as helping it to stay youthful and healthy. Green tea is also thought to have weight loss benefits, while reducing the risk of many harmful diseases. Lilies, on the other hand, can calm the nervous system while helping to treat heart disease.

This blend will not only work as a tonic and cleansing tea but also as an appetite suppressant by helping to control your sugar cravings with its fruity flavour.

Hint: We recommend using a teapot with a capacity of between 600ml and 700ml for the best effect. Use a rounder shaped, tall teapot to see the blooming tea come into full flower. Remember that in a smaller capacity teapot, the brew will become strong very quickly and with bigger capacity teapot it will take much longer. The water may cool down quickly in a large teapot, but you can top up the hot water around two or three times to keep it fresh.

This tea can be enjoyed either with a light meal or alone – it is also excellent with or without honey and sugar. Serve hot, following dinner.

Low caffeine, no calories and natural peach and strawberry extract.


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