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Buy Ceylon Tea Online

Buy Ceylon Tea Online

Ceylon tea has long been appreciated for its rich aroma and taste. It has stronger taste than other teas and has very similar health benefits to black tea. It is, however, favoured for its superior quality and flavour, making it a hit with tea drinkers from all over the world.

Ceylon tea is thought by some people to be an excellent defence against cancer and is also believed to lower the risk of heart disease. It contains around half to a third of the amount of caffeine contained in a regular cup of coffee, but is still a great way of keeping you alert during the day. Although Ceylon seems like a light black tea, it is still able to wake you up first thing in the morning.

Hint: For the perfect cup of Ceylon tea, pour boiled water and one teaspoon of tea leaves for three to five minutes before straining the leaves. It is then ready for your enjoyment.

You can enjoy this tea either with a light meal or alone. It is great with or without honey and sugar and you may choose to add milk. This tea is best served hot following dinner, but can be chilled.

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