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Fruit Tea – Gift Box – Safari Sunrise loose leaf 50g

This is a delicate blend of rooibos tea with rose, marigold and cornflower petals. This is complemented with sweetness of strawberry for a really interesting brew. Together, these flavours blend to create a colourful infusion. Rooibos tea has subtle hints of caramel that make it an irresistible at any time of day.

Rooibos is believed to help alleviate nervous tension, as well as allergies and digestive problems. The cardiovascular benefits from rooibos tea are incredible as they help control the onset of diseases such as diabetes. This tea is great for settling yourself at the end of the busy day and is a good way to wind down.

Hint: In order to achieve a perfect cup of red square tea, you should first boil fresh water. Pout over one teaspoon of tea leaves for every cup that you are making and then leave for between three and five minutes. This tea is then ready for your enjoyment!

This refreshing tea can be enjoyed either warm or iced. It has a great sweet taste and satin smoothness and is widely considered to be a dessert tea.

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