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Buy Peppermint Tea Online

Buy Peppermint Tea Online

Take a sip of peppermint tea and you will be treated to a smooth taste, with a distinct clean and crisp flavour. This golden tea produces a strong aroma that you will find it is delicate on the palate from the first taste – it leaves a cooling sensation on the tongue, making it a refreshing option at any time of day. If you are searching for a brew that goes down well every time, peppermint tea is the perfect choice.

Hint: The best way to brew peppermint tea is to bring natural spring water, or better yet, distilled water to a boil. Allow it to cool for a while before pouring over the peppermint leaves. We recommend leaving it to steep for around seven minutes in an infuser to achieve the best flavour.

Drink on its own or by mixing with other herbal or non-herbal teas. It can be served hot or chilled and with drizzled honey for those who crave a sweet hit.

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