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Special Earl Grey

Special Earl Grey

Named after Earl Charles Grey, the British prime minister in the 1800s, Earl Grey tea is a popular, lightly spiced black tea. He is said to have been given a tin by a Chinese Mandarin and enjoyed it so much that he requested it should be brewed back home. It is a blend of Indian and Ceylon tea and has the flavour of bergamot, offering a light and fragrant brew to tea drinkers all over the world.

Hint: To achieve a perfect cup of Special Earl Grey tea, pour boiled water over one teaspoon of tea leaves for every cup of tea. Brew for three to five minutes before straining the leaves then the tea is ready for your enjoyment.

Earl Grey is best enjoyed hot, adding with milk and sugar as desired. You can also make a great iced tea using this black tea.

This tea can be enjoyed either with a light meal or alone and is excellent with or without honey.

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