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Rooibos tea hailed for health benefits

Rooibos tea hailed for health benefits

The health benefits of tea are well known, but experts are currently promoting the positive aspects of drinking rooibos.

Originally from South Africa, rooibos is quite unique in that it comes from a different plant to many of the other varieties you will be used to.

It is naturally caffeine-free and is thought to be one of the best health tea varieties available.

Hala Barghout, a clinical dietician and nutritionist, has explained the various health benefits that drinking rooibos can bring.

The Dubai-based expert noted that there is evidence to show that the tea can slow down cancer, lower the risk of heart disease and stroke – and that’s not all.

New findings are being made all the time and there is even the suggestion that rooibos can help diabetes sufferers deal with their condition.

The great thing about rooibos is that is also tastes good, making it a fantastic alternative to other types of tea you may drink on a daily basis.

“But it’s not just about taste – rooibos contains a complex and unique blend of antioxidants that play a major role in boosting the body’s natural defenses,” acknowledged Ms Barghout.

The nutritionist said that substituting regular black tea or coffee with rooibos can help lead to a healthier lifestyle – some experts recommend drinking six cups a day, including one before bedtime.

No artificial colourings or flavourings are added to rooibos, as the way the leaves and stems are harvested helps them retain their natural colour.

The tea contains all sorts of minerals that can help you live a healthy lifestyle, as well as qualities that are said to reduce stress, headaches and irritability.

Experimenting with different types of tea is a good way to see which ones fit best with your needs.

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