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tea that lowers risk of ovarian cancer

Tea drinkers ”˜have lower risk’ of ovarian cancer

Tea drinkers ‘have lower risk’ of ovarian cancer

Tea drinking has been linked to all sorts of health benefits over the years, but this time researchers at Curtin University have found it could help lower the risk of ovarian cancer.To carry out the study, 1,000 patients were assessed in China, half of whom had ovarian carcinoma and the other half who had never suffered from the condition.Each of the women involved were asked to drink a variety of different products, including green, black and oolong tea.All of them were asked to fill in a survey about their tea drinking habits, with the results showing that 78.8 per cent of the women who had not suffered ovarian cancer regularly consumed tea.This figure stood at just 51.4 per cent of those who were affected by the disease.Andy Lee, lead author of the study and professor at the Curtin School of Public Health, revealed that the experts had found a strong link between tea and the prevention of ovarian cancer.He explained: “It’s not just the duration of tea drinking but also quantity of tea and the frequency of intake as well.”So the more cups you drink per day and the more the quantity of tea you drink the better the result (the lower the risk).”Professor Lee emphasized that the team now wants to carry out further tests to see if drinking more tea can help improve the survival rates of cancer patients.He also encouraged people to help promote the positive health benefits that tea can bring, especially as the ovarian cancer survival rate in Australia is in need of serious improvement.Statistics from Cancer Australia show that nearly 1,300 women in the country are diagnosed with the condition every year – and this can occur at any age.Nine out of ten women with the condition have epithelial ovarian cancer.

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