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The Enchanting Tea Blossoms

TEA BLOSSOMS is a new Australian company who have created a range of blooming teas to combine the best of two worlds: Oriental & Western. The concept and medicinal qualities of the east. For the taste buds of the west.

For instance our Vanilla Jasmine an extremely unusual, blend: sweet, comforting and fragrant flavor. If you’ve never tried vanilla jasmine tea, you’re in for a real treat. Or Green tea, Lavender and Rosette Rose flavor is incredibly refreshing. Green Jasmine Peony is exquisitely elegant and calming.

Blooming tea is like a mini floral bouquet that blooms right in front of you in your glass or teapot. The perfect enticement to sip on green tea rather than sugary soft drink or caffeine laden coffee. And perfect for the health conscious with its combination of the healing powers of green tea with the floral benefits entwined within.

Our aim is to contribute to the fast growing renaissance of tea. And to heighten awareness of the desirability of this wondrous drink. TEA BLOSSOMS is also very keen to promote the cancer preventing qualities of tea by supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation for the prevention and cure of breast cancer.

On the Health Note

At Tea Blossoms we value what our customers look for in a product, and we understand that you are expecting high quality, high taste tea which will bring not only enjoyment to your life but also much health benefits hence we bring you only the finest tea sourced and processed in the most organic and natural way. From step one of the tea journey, all the way through to when they end up in your cupboard, Tea Blossoms uses the most environmentally friendly ways to plan, harvest, produce, package, and distribute the tea. We understand that you care about the environment and thus we ensure the high quality of the tea service we provide for you goes all the way through to how we treat the surroundings.

Harvesting tea is not an easy task, as it is required to be done by hand because machines damage the leaves too much for them to be of any use. Like most crops which are intensively farmed, a broad range of agricultural chemicals are used to treat the tea. Also because tea is continually harvested and growing, there must be sufficient amounts of nitrogen in the soil, however rather than relying on natural sources, most commercial growers depend on synthetic fertilisers to replace soil nitrogen simply because its easier and less costly. On the other hand organic farmers replace soul nitrogen with natural materials such as seaweed, compost, green manure crops and animal manures.

Commercially cultivated tea is prone to damage from fungal infection and insects, thus majority of tea plantations opt for chemical treatments to stop this, causing the product to be potentially dangerous to consumers. By using chemical treatments it means that more tea can be produced unlike on organic tea farms. The risk of being bitten or killed by natural prey is also dramatically reduced when chemicals are used for workers, however in the long term it is quite dangerous as repeated exposure to chemicals will have damaging health effects.

Organically certified products are great for consumers who are health conscious. When plants are protected in unnatural ways they lose their ability to fight off insects and disease thus minimising the health benefits during consumption.

Not only is the tea from Tea Blossoms organically grown and harvested, our loyalty to a sustainable future does not end there. We also provide environmentally packaging and all packaging and distribution happens locally in Melbourne, hence we are able to have maximum input and control over packaging and distribution. It is important for us to respect and nurture our environment and provide only the very best quality of tea of many categories, this ensures our loyalty to you and to the surrounding environment which we so passionately care about.

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