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Blooming Great Tea!

Tea Blossoms is a 100% Australian owned boutique tea importer and wholesaler, bringing the finest teas from around the world to Australians. 

Our teas are carefully selected from growers with our sourcing partners, allowing us to bring you only the finest quality tea leaves and blends. We are honoured to share in the 4,000 year-old tea story, and invite you to be a part of the experience with our wide selection of only the finest teas.

All of our teas are crafted using the finest ancient tea traditions of brewing tea. Our range represents all styles from loose leaf to hand made blossoms.

Tea is humankind’s favourite hot beverage and second only to water as humanity’s most drunk liquid. Our intention is to make the experience of drinking tea more fun and interactive. We aim to make tea sensual, fashionable, and THE thing to drink.
Our access to the finest plantations means our teas will always be of the finest quality and innovative. Through direct import, we maintain a fresh and continuous replenished inventory year round with selections that reflect both current and emerging consumer tastes. We have all the classics as well as exotic tea types and blends to tantalise the taste buds.

We are a leader in Blooming Tea, and offer a stunning array of blooming tea balls in black, green and white tea varietals with carefully curated flavour combinations. With stunning visuals and a ‘wow’ factor, Blooming Teas offer hospitality venues the opportunity to provide a new tea experience. 

Blooming tea is like a mini floral bouquet that blooms right in front of you in your glass or teapot. The perfect enticement to sip on green tea rather than sugary soft drink or caffeine laden coffee. And perfect for the health conscious with its combination of the healing powers of green tea with the floral benefits entwined within.

We welcome clients ranging from five-star resorts to restaurants, cafes, teahouses, retail outlets, gift shops, health clinics, hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation and day spas. We also sell products retail to discerning customers via our online store. 

If you are a Retailer or Venue, talk to your Tea Blossoms Sales Representative today about your curated tea range. 

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