Media Release 2008 - Ikebana You Can Drink

Ikebana You Can Drink

Ikebana You Can Drink

There was a time when, throughout the fashionable salons of Europe and the New World, tea, with it’s perceived health giving properties, was king. Then someone discovered and brought back the coffee plant. Which although initially perceived as the poorer relation beverage, quickly, along with the other new discovery Chocolate, became international cafe society’s hot drinks of choice.

However, in Asia and the Orient, tea, both black and green maintained it’s dominance. One widely purported and supported reason for the significantly lower rates of many lifestyle related diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, in these countries. In these regions tea drinking has always be seen as both a medical and cultural/aesthetic activity.

And new Australian company, TEA BLOSSOMS, are dedicated to furthering those traditions. Their range of elaborately hand made “artistic flower teas” are green tea leaves with flowers wrapped inside that when placed in boiling water, open to create beautiful underwater flower arrangements. Basically Ikebana you can drink.

And as well as tasting as exotic as they look – I can particularly recommend the incredibly soul refreshing Lavender and Rosette Rose flavour – they can also claim the following health benefits. Green tea, as you probably already know, unless you have spent the last 20 years in Macca’s, is widely accepted as being low in caffeine and extremely high in antioxidants, like vitamin C & E. While it’s EGCG component is significantly linked with the prevention of cancers, the lowering of bad cholesterol levels and protection of the skin from sun damage.

While the many floral additions, as well as infinitely adding to the appearance, also provide traditional herbal remedies for everything from high blood pressure to lack of love. At around $2 per ball, with up to 4 tall glasses of tea from each ball, this is not anything like as expensive as you would imagine, for an entirely handmade and natural product. And is available through a fast growing variety of specialist outlets as well as online at

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