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Tea Blossoms Home Subscription

Hello - We are TEAS

Organic, full Body, Fresh from plantation

We are blended to compliment each other Tastes and Health qualities

Home Subscription Tea Box

Mix Your Favourite Teas & Infusions

Tea Blossoms home tea package

Packages start from $19.95 per month

Tea Blossoms high quality tea

Wide selection of high quality teas & herbal infusions

Tea Blossoms high quality tea

Order a mix of your favourite teas

Save on Tea Blossoms teas

Save 40% - 60% off the retail price

Discounts on Tea Blossoms tea

Additional 10% discount of the entire range

Tea Blossoms tea door-to-door delivery

Delivered straight to your doorstep

Subscribe Now

Enjoy special cup of tea every day  |  3 months subscription*  |  FREE Postage
*after 3 months, we will continue delivering teas unless you chose to cancel

Its Just

50 infusers,

select up to 5 types

$19.95 per month

Tea for

100 infusers,
select up to 5 types

$39.95 per month

Tea Lover

200 infusers,
select up to 10 types

$78per month

Tea Lover

300 infusers,
select up to 10 types

$114 per month

Health Hydration

100 infusers,
5 types

$54.50 per month

We will ship every month or every 2nd month
Postage included.

We want you to try something new - Receive a Surprise Tea with each delivery!
Enjoy special cup of tea every day.

Subscription Information

To create a subscription you need to create an account if you don't already have one.

To suspend or cancel your subscription please go to your account.

To change your current subscriptions products,  please go to your account and update it.

Take this opportunity to buy high quality tea for wholesale prices.
Choose the package that suits you and your family needs and we will deliver to you on a monthly or every second month bases.
It takes all the hassle out of buying tea.

Being a Home Package Buyer you are automatically qualify for 10% discount on all other Tea Blossoms products.
By subscribing to the Home Tea Package you are saving 40%-60% of the retail price. The minimum term of subscription is 3 months.

You can Suspend or Cancel your Subscription here 

Teas Available - Pick your favourite Mix

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