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Office Subscription Packages

Packages for Small to a Medium size Offices

High Quality Organic teas that are Easy to Make,

Affordable with Varieties that will satisfy all tea drinkers

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Join over 10,000 employees who trust us to deliver Functional Tea box!

Functional Tea box is the convenient and affordable healthy beverage delivery service your workplace has been looking for!

We provide offices and workplaces all around Australia with the widest variety of organic, healthy, natural, preservative-free full body loose leaf teas and herbal infusions specially formulated to to support healthy bodily functions and enhance wellness, while maintaining great taste.

Package 1  


Up to 5 People

200 infusers,
select up to 10 types

$78per month

Package 2  


Up to 10 People

300 infusers,
select up to 10 types 

$114 per month

Package 3  


Up to 25 People

select up to 10 types

Package 4 


100+ People

special quotation*

*We work with a number of Corporate supply distributors and happy to discuss an integration of our solution with your regular supplier.

New research suggests the traditional tea and coffee run has become an office ritual

Most offices have a tea-room that provides free instant coffee and tea-bags.

Increasingly, we can see more offices switch to pod based or grounded coffee solutions.

The tea offering however in most places is still limited to one or two common types paper teabag

We would like to change that -

We offer Café quality TEA for your office


Tea boosts work productivity while also being a healthier alternative.

It is the perfect way to feel better, and feel energized enough to carry on with the day.

  • Corporate box of 1000 bags is TOO MUCH for your office - You want a Fresh supply every month
  • You want a better Quality, Organic teas, a variety Mix, option to try New Teas on the monthly bases
  • You want teas with combined Functional qualities and Great Tastes

Most likely your Employees are bringing their own tea to work

Show your commitment to staff well-being by switching to high quality Tea

Our office solution will offer blends like:

  • Morning - Pick me Up
  • Afternoon - Refresh & Uplift
  • All day - Anti- Stress & Unwind
  • All day - Immunity Boost
  • All day - Antioxidant boost
  • Morning & Afternoon - Energy boost
  • As well as traditional Black, Green Teas

Thinking about Special Occasion, High Tea, Health Week -We can offer a supply of special teas.

Why Us?

  • We have over 12 years experience in the tea market in Australia
  • We specialise in high quality full bodied tea, herbal infusions, caffeine free teas, fruit teas and more
  • We are fully Certified and our teas are Organic
  • Sustainable & Reliable Sourcing
  • You are providing Australia's highest quality Fruits to help your clients. Diversify your offering by adding our high quality Tea with our Variety Packs.
  • We have created a tea range that is of the highest Quality, combining Health qualities and great Taste.
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