Tea Blossoms As The Natural Fathers Day Gift

Tea Blossoms As The Natural Fathers Day Gift

Tea Blossoms As The Natural Fathers Day Gift

If you've run out of ideas for a Fathers Day gift that you haven't already given multiple times, then consider nature's miracle tea. The gift and experience of high quality tea will bring health, peace and serenity into his life. Tea is not only good for relaxing the body, but also brings numerous health benefits such as decreased risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke; it protects bones and boosts immunity function as well as keeping you hydrated. Tea is also a fantastic supplement to weight loss programs, as it speeds up the metabolism and contains no calories.

And the experts at TEA BLOSSOMS have been able to match a blend of tea for every type of dad. Now you can find the ideal tea for the "perfect" dad.

If your father is young-at-heart with an adventurous spirit then he'll love the Japanese Cherry tea - a blend of Japanese Green Sencha tea mixed with Rosella and Jasmine flower petals complemented with natural cherry flavour and subtle chocolate finish. Together, they blend to create a colourful infusion. This refreshing tea can be enjoyed either warm or iced, with a sweet taste and satin smoothness that your dad will love. And so he remembers you every time he makes a cuppa,add a high quality heat resistant teapot to the gift.

If your father is the type that loves a bit of pampering, then let him experience Globe Amaranth and Jasmine Chocolate Black Tea. When infused, a colourful globe amaranth flower springs up in the black tea leaves surrounded with jasmine blossoms.Its sweet liquor complimented by chocolate aroma a perfect way to spoil him.

And if your dad changes with the wind, then present him with a set of 6 tin tea storage containers with a different tea in each. Fill one with the basic black tea, another with green, then experiment with the rest. Try some blooming tea which is specially formulated to bring you the best of nature and science, or give some of the health teas a crack. These containers will keep the flavour and aroma of his gift at its absolute best. They are easy to store and will complement any kitchen cupboard with their bright and fresh colours whilst keeping your tea in tip-top condition.

TEA BLOSSOMS is a new Australian company who have created a range of "blooming" teas to combine the best of two worlds: Oriental & Western. The medicinal qualities of the east for the taste buds of the west.

Blooming tea is like a mini floral bouquet that blooms right in front of you in your glass or teapot. The perfect enticement to sip on green tea rather than sugary soft drink or caffeine-laden coffee. And perfect for the health conscious with its combination of the healing powers of green tea with the floral benefits entwined within.

Tea drinking has become a new trend for men everywhere, as they are starting to see the benefits it can bring in maintaining good health. Father's Day has been a long tradition, so give your dad a gift that you know he will love. The fact that you made an effort selecting teas to suit his lifestyle and presented them in a beautiful way, is sure to melt even the most macho of hearts.

So if dad has enough ties, and hasn't as yet used last year's hardware voucher, then think outside the square with a range of teas from Tea Blossoms. Father's Day gift ideas from Tea Blossoms.

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