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Tia Kwan Yin 100 g

Tia Kwan Yin is a warm, soft and soothing brew – think of it as a hug in a mug! You will find it has a mineral-like texture, making it a unique oolong tea to have in your cupboard. As for the taste, you will find that Tia Kwan Yin has notes of toasted walnut and tender collard greens. Many people have described its taste as mysterious as it has a lingering floral aroma and subtle undertones.

If you are in search of a tea with plenty of antioxidants to help destroy free radicals, Tia Kwan Yin is it. This quality also means that oolong tea is believed to reduce the risk of cancer, while improving heart health by reducing levels of cholesterol. Not only this, Tia Kwan Yin is thought to prevent the onset of diabetes and coronary artery disease. It is also great at helping to curb high blood pressure, while helping to reduce tooth decay and weight loss.

Hint: In order to achieve a perfect Tia Kwan Yin tea, pour boiled water over one teaspoon of tea leaves for every cup of tea you are making. Brew for three to five minutes and strain the leaves – then your beautiful and aromatic tea is ready for your enjoyment!

This oolong tea is best enjoyed hot, with milk and sugar as desired. It can also be made into an iced tea.



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