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Tips on buying wholesale tea

Tips on buying wholesale tea

Businesses of all shapes and sizes – and especially in the hospitality industry – can benefit from buying wholesale tea.

Not only can it cut down costs, but also make sure that tea supplies are always well stocked up.

Here are some of considerations you might want to make when buying tea in bulk.

Loose leaf tea or tea bags?

When purchasing wholesale tea, you will need to think carefully about how you want your tea to be packaged.

Tea bags are often considered more convenient, but loose leaf tea perhaps gives a more high-class impression – think about your business and its customers and make your decision from there.

Type of tea

Black tea is by far the most widely consumed variety in the world – types such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey tend to be the biggest crowd pleasers.

If you want to appeal to the masses then black tea should be on your shopping list, otherwise you might want to think about green tea or white tea.

Do your research on the different varieties and think about what would be best for your customers.


Once you have decided on the tea you want to order, your thoughts should then turn to where you are planning to store it.

Tea should always be stored in an airtight container, out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.

Failing to store tea in the right conditions can lead to its taste being affected and not to mention its shelf-life.


Monitoring how well your chosen teas are going down with customers is a good way of deciding what to order the next time round.

If certain varieties are not proving as popular as you had hoped, why not change your order to find something more suitable?

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