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Why use tea service sets?

Why use tea service sets?

Think about the last time you had a cup of tea – was it in a mug or did you use a tea service set? If your answer is the former then you’re not alone, as many people believe that tea service sets are redundant in many homes these days.

However, there is still a case for presenting your tea in this way – and here are some of the most common reasons why people believe this is a tradition that shouldn’t die out! It looks more attractive If you are hosting an afternoon tea party, for example, there is something quite elegant about using a teapot and your favourite cups and saucers.

It adds a sense of occasion to the event, as well as making it seem more traditional – after all, when afternoon tea was first invented, it was the reserve of royalty! Better taste? Some people argue that tea tastes better when served in a cup rather than a mug, although this is very much down to personal opinion!

Brew your loose leaf tea more effectively Teapots are perhaps more conducive to brewing loose leaf tea than putting it straight into mugs. The leaves are able to move around more freely, therefore giving a richer tasting brew that delivers all the best aroma and flavour. Save yourself time.

Although getting out tea service sets might seem like a chore, in reality it can actually help you to save time. A teapot will give you the opportunity to brew several cups of tea at once, so if you are entertaining guests you are not constantly going to and from the kettle to make more. Simply add a tea cosy and your brew should stay sufficiently heated until it is time for a top-up!

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