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Add some zing to your day with a fruit tea

Add some zing to your day with a fruit tea

Many avid tea lovers are on the lookout for a new brew to try - fruit tea could be just what you are looking for. Quality blends should offer you natural flavours and an explosion of colour like no other, which will no doubt put a spring in your step.

These are some of our favourite fruit tea varieties - given them a try to find the one that is best suited to your tastebuds!

Shanghai fairytale

Shanghai fairytale is a unique blend of Chinese silver needle tea and osmanthus flowers, which are mixed with safflower and jasmine petals. You will find this fruit tea has a natural taste of strawberry and peach, which when combined make a colourful infusion that can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Turkish delight

This tea is about as decadent as its name suggests - Turkish delight is a combination of black tea, rosehip peels, rosella flower petals and sweet osmanthus flowers. If you like the natural sweetness of strawberry then Turkish delight is the fruit tea for you!

Golden wattle

Golden wattle is a blend of high quality black tea, which is mixed with rosehip and cinnamon, rose flower petals and refreshing mint leaves. Not only this, the fruit tea has a hint of chocolate and vanilla, making it perfect for an after dinner treat or if you feel like something sweet.

Japanese cherry

What better way to end your day than with a cup of Japanese cherry - it is a blend of green sencha tea, rosella and jasmine petals, all of which are complemented by the natural flavours of chocolate and cherry. The best part about this fruit tea is that it can either be brewed hot or cold, making it a crowd pleaser all-year round.
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