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Since 2005, Tea Blossoms has been introducing  premium quality tea from all over the world to Australians

Welcome to Tea Blossoms, the home of blooming great tea.

For almost two decades, we’ve been delighting Australian customers with premium quality tea varieties from around the world.

Here, every cup is a journey. Enjoy premium tea in Australia with Tea Blossoms. Explore our full collection and buy tea online today.


Sip in style: join the tea revolution with Tea Blossoms

Tea is humankind’s favourite hot beverage and second only to water as humanity’s most drunk liquid.

Our goal is to make the experience of drinking tea more fun and interactive.

At Tea Blossoms, we believe that tea should not only be delicious, but also a sensory and fashionable delight.

Our goal is to create a fun and interactive experience with unique flavours and classic blends that entice everyone to indulge in the pleasure of every sip.

Take comfort in a classic or delight your senses with our exquisite blends for a sublime tea experience that is unparalleled.

Blooming tea

Blooming tea is like a mini floral bouquet that blooms right in front of you in your glass or teapot.

Indulge in a multi-sensory experience, where a beautiful floral bouquet unfurls, combining visual artistry with comforting and delicious flavours.

Tea Blossoms is a leader in blooming tea. We offer a stunning array of blooming tea balls in black, green and white tea varietals with carefully curated flavour combinations.

With stunning visuals and a ‘wow’ factor, blooming teas offer hospitality venues the opportunity to provide a unique tea experience.

More popular tea types

Black Tea | Green Tea | White Tea | Herbal Tea | Fruit Tea | Oolong Tea | Flavoured Tea

Our growers and sourcing partners

Our access to the finest plantations means our teas will always be innovative and of the highest quality.

Through direct import, we maintain a fresh inventory that remains replenished year-round.

Our selections reflect both current and emerging consumer tastes. We have all the classics as well as exotic tea types and blends to tantalise the taste buds.


Our customers

Our customers are connoisseurs of fine tea; they appreciate the art of brewing a tea and savouring every sip.

With a commitment to sourcing only the highest quality leaves from around the world, we take pride in offering our discerning tea drivers an exquisite experience every time, steeped in elegance and sophistication.

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We invite you to explore our premium teas, accessories, and gifts, carefully curated by our team of tea masters to provide you with the ultimate tea-drinking experience.

Whether you're a traditional green or black tea lover or looking to try something new and exotic, we have a wide range of blends to choose from.

Browse our selection and buy tea online today.

Are you looking to elevate your customers’ experiences and provide a unique and beautiful offering at your hotel, restaurant, spa, cafe, or other hospitality business?

At Tea Blossoms, we invite you to explore our wholesale opportunities.

Discover our premium blooming tea, loose leaf tea, and tea bags to delight your customers' senses and leave a lasting impression.


Shop premium tea in Australia with Tea Blossoms

Seeking to elevate your tea experience? Whether you prefer to savour your favourite blends, are looking to explore new flavours, or shopping for the tea lover in your life, discover premium tea in Australia with Tea Blossoms.

We are delighted to welcome you to Tea Blossoms and can’t wait to introduce you to some of the world’s most decadent boutique teas. Browse the collection and buy tea online today.