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Awaken your senses with scented tea

Awaken your senses with scented tea

A good tea should have an impact on all of your senses - not only should it taste great, but also smell wonderful and boast a vibrant colour. If you have never tried a scented tea before then the only question is: what's stopping you?

Although all teas are scented to some extent, these have the ability to give you a much-needed boost. Quality blends of loose leaf tea are combined with other natural flavours to create a tea like no other. Here are some examples of the best scented teas out there - you might even be left wondering why you haven't tried them sooner!

Red square

This is an exotic scented tea that blends black tea with rosella, cornflower and safflower petals. When you see the loose leaf tea for the first time, you will notice just how colourful and vibrant it is - and the same can be said for its taste! You will find that the natural flavour of goji berry complements it greatly, as does the mango essence.

Shaghai fairytale

Be transported to the Far East with this scented tea - it is a blend of Chinese silver needle tea, osmanthus flowers, safflower and jasmine petals. You will even find a subtle taste of strawberry and peach as you sip the tea - the great thing is that it can be brewed either hot or cold.

Japanese cherry

Another tea that you must try is Japanese cherry, which is just as sweet and soothing as its name would suggest! Imagine Japanese green sencha tea mixed with rosella and jasmine, all complemented with the natural flavour of cherry and chocolate. This is another scented tea that can be brewed hot or cold - and it makes for an excellent choice after a meal.
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