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The benefits of loose leaf tea

The benefits of loose leaf tea

If you've recently made the decision that you're going to buy tea online, you will perhaps be wondering which variety to choose. You might be pondering whether to buy bags or a loose leaf tea and the truth is that both have their merits. Loose leaf tea is a great item to have in your storage tin - and here's why.


If you like to get the most flavour out of your tea then loose leaf is the way to go. The leaves are treated in such a way that they retain their flavour - and you can often tell the difference. When you place the leaves in glass tea service sets you will be able to see the water become infused. As always, it's up to you how weak or strong you like it!

Top quality

It is often argued that loose leaf tea is of a higher quality than that used in tea bags because it still contains oils and other nutrients from the plant. There are various prices of loose leaf tea so it is your decision how much or little you want to spend. Although tea bags may seem like a cheaper option, think about the quality of the product you're buying.

Leaf size

When you buy loose leaf tea, you will probably notice that the size of the leaves are bigger than those in a tea bag. This means they are able to hold more flavour and can swell upon contact with boiling water. This allows for a more balanced cup of tea that can be suited to your individual taste.

Easy to store

Loose leaf tea is easy to store around the home - unlike tea bags that often need large storage tins, it can be kept in much smaller containers. As long as they are airtight and out of the way of intense heat and sunlight, you can enjoy your loose leaf tea for months.
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