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What are the benefits of using tea bags?

What are the benefits of using tea bags?

Everyone these days leads busy lives, so having the time to brew loose leaf every time you feel like a cuppa may not always be practical. This is where tea bags really come into their own - they can offer a handy alternative when time is at a premium, giving you a great tasting tea that you can enjoy when everything seems a bit rushed. So what are the benefits of using tea bags as opposed to loose leaf varieties? We look at some of the most common advantages.

There are plenty of varieties

Even though your local store might only stock a limited range of tea bags, bear in mind that there are plenty of other varieties out there to try. Whether you prefer something traditional such as English breakfast or would rather something a little more unusual like chamomile violet, there is a tea bag out there for you.

Easy to dispose of

Emptying your tea strainer might sometimes seem like a bit of a chore, which is why tea bags are the ultimate convenience. Simply wait for your tea to brew at the desired strength and remove with a teaspoon - some even come with a handy drawstring to make things even easier!

Simple to store

Tea bags are in some ways easier to store than their loose leaf counterparts, as the packaging helps to keep the tea fresher for longer. Get hold of something to store your tea in - preferably an airtight container - and it should last a long time.

Save some time

As we've already mentioned, tea bags are quick and easy to brew - simply boil water to the desired temperature and pour over your bag for the perfect cuppa. Leave for as long as you like depending on the desired strength - the choice is yours!

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