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What are the best ways of serving tea?

What are the best ways of serving tea?

There is much debate over what is the best way to serve tea - but in reality, it is down to you and your personal taste.Here are some ideas of how to do your tea justice the next time you decide to put on a brew.

Boil fresh water

Leaving water to stagnate in the kettle for a long time is not a good idea, so make sure you boil fresh water every time.If you pour the water over your loose leaf tea or teabag and find that a film forms on top, this is likely to be because you live in a hard water area.Make sure you keep stirring to ensure your cup of tea looks appealing!

Leave to brew

Patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to making tea - rushing the process will mean you lose out on subtleties of flavour.Leave the leaves to stew for at least two minutes to help get the best flavours from them and you'll be rewarded with a perfect cup of tea.

Add the milk - first or last?

This is a big area of debate among tea enthusiasts - should milk be added to tea first or last?It is often said that the upper classes add their milk first, but this is not so much the case in modern day life.At least you can always add more if your tea turns out a little stronger than you expected - taking it out again is a little less easy!

Serve properly

Some people argue that China tea service sets are the only way to go when serving tea - but your favourite mug could just as easily do the trick.Just make sure that you bleach your cups and mugs once in awhile to avoid staining.
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