Blog Review Jun 2012

Blog Review Jun 2012

There are coffee drinkers, and then there are tea drinkers. While I like a coffee occasionally, my drink of choice is most definitely tea. I drink at least a glass of tea a day. I like all types of teas, but always without sugar or milk. I prefer the natural flavours of the tea, so I tend to drink green teas, black teas, oolong teas and flower teas. So when I was contacted by Tea Blossoms to try out their tea, I was more than happy to.

Tea Blossoms sell all types of tea and specialising, as their name suggests, in blossoming tea. If you haven't heard about or seen blossoming tea before, you'll be impressed. Blossoming teas are balls of tea consisting of mixtures of things such as Green Tea, Black Tea, Marigold, Globe Amaranth, Jasmine, Osmanthus, Chrysanthemus, Vanilla and many more, which when dropped into hot water bloom into these beautiful creations. The effect is visually stunning, but the mix of tea is also really good in flavour. I tried out a few of the Tea Blossoms blooming tea balls and they were really good, quite complex in flavours.

I've also tried all 6 flavours of tea bags, and again I was impressed. I must say I extremely impressed with the silken bags. I'd never seen those before but they keep the tea leaves from falling out of the bag. As to the tea themselves, I think the key to all the types was that it tasted like real tea, with leaves I could see. The chamomile contained a good amount of chamomile tea, while the English breakfast, which I normally find rather boring, actually tasted rather fragrant. The Fairytale tea, which also came in the loose leaf form, is super fragrant and smells like a tea cocktail. There were lots of fruit and flowers inside so you get hints of everything. I've been drinking that everyday at work and it's very calming.

I'm impressed with the products from Tea Blossoms and will definitely be a repeated customer of their website. The large selection of tea will definitely keep me satisfied while the various tea sets and packages make for great gifts as well. Thanks to Tea Blossoms, I've got one of their gift packages to give away to one of my readers. The details of the competition are below.

Life is like a cup of tea. It's all about how you make it!I like my tea like I prefer my men-strong and hot!A cup of tea with friends is the way to solve problems, celebrate, and heal souls. When I was young, my mum would often say "Put the kettle on. Time for a cuppa" And we would all congregate around the table and chat. My best memories.

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