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How to brew the perfect cup of tea

How to brew the perfect cup of tea

Once you have chosen your variety of tea, it is important to make sure you brew it properly to get the best possible taste. So how should you go about achieving this? There are some common tips on brewing the perfect cup of tea, which should leave you with a great tasting drink every time.

Buy quality tea

As with everything, investing in quality really does pay off - only choose the best tea bags and loose leaf tea and you will be well on your way to success.

Think carefully about storage

Of course, your quality tea will only remain fresh if you make sure you store it properly - this means keeping it in an airtight container out of direct sunlight. Also try to avoid extremes of temperature, as this can affect the overall taste of your tea.

Use freshly boiled water

When brewing tea, it is essential to use water that has only been boiled once. Rather than reheating the kettle, emptying it out and topping up with fresh water. This enables the best possible flavour to be drawn out of the tea, as more oxygen is able to circulate around the water.

Be patient

Patience is an important quality to have when brewing the perfect cup of tea. How long you leave the tea to brew will depend on how strong you like it. Ideally you should leave either the tea bag or loose leaf tea to brew for at least two minutes - or longer if you prefer it that little bit stronger.

Add milk last

There is some debate over whether milk should be added to black tea before or after the water. If you add the milk last, you can make sure the tea has had opportunity to infuse the water properly. Putting it in first could leave you with a brew that is too weak - and you can't remove the milk afterwards!
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