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Brewing the perfect iced tea

Brewing the perfect iced tea

As temperatures start to soar across Australia, you're no doubt wondering what the best drinks are to cool you down on a hot summer's day. Iced tea is the ideal choice - it's cool, refreshing and is easy to make in your own home! All you need are a few simple ingredients and you'll be brewing the perfect tea in no time at all.

Step 1 - choosing your tea

The great thing about iced tea is that you can make it from pretty much any of your favourite teas. Whether you choose to use tea bags or loose leaf tea is entirely up to you - they'll lead to the same outcome! For a great summer drink you might want to try a fruit tea - Turkish Delight is a fantastic option with its subtle taste of strawberry, or perhaps Japanese Cherry with chocolate undertones.

Step 2 - brewing the iced tea

The trick with iced tea is to make it with cold water - use hot water and you will have to cool it down before drinking and the taste can often be more overpowering than you would like. The best thing to do is treat it the same way you would any normal tea - add as many tea bags or scoops of loose leaf tea as you see fit and leave to brew. It is recommended not to leave it for more than five minutes, as this can create a bitter taste.

Step 3 - adjusting to taste

As with a normal cup of tea, you can adjust the sweetness of iced tea to match your personal taste. If you want to add a little sugar then feel free to do so, or perhaps add some natural sweeteners like lemon or other citrus fruits.

Step 4- presenting the iced tea

Iced tea is best served in a tall glass with plenty of ice - add some mint for an interesting garnish and enjoy!
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