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Brighten up your home with decorative teapots

Brighten up your home with decorative teapots

As any avid tea drinker will know, brewing loose leaf tea in a teapot is one of life's great pleasures.Not only does it allow the full flavour of the tea to develop, but it's also a fantastic way of making several cups without having to use multiple teabags.The tea leaves are able to infuse the water and provide a rich, full-bodied and tasty drink.Whether you're brewing white, green or black tea, a teapot is a functional item that can even bring some sparkle to your interior design.With so many decorative teapots available, the only problem you will have is knowing which ones to buy!

Which teapot to choose?

The type of teapot you decide on will depend on all sorts of factors, such as what you intend to use it for and the type of tea you will be brewing.If you are buying a teapot to display in your kitchen then you'll need to think carefully about your existing colour scheme and the amount of space available. Teapots can come in all shapes and sizes so do your homework first!Alternatively, if you are planning on brewing a blooming tea then a glass teapot is the best option - after all, you will want to see the magic of the bud unfold.

Collecting teapots

For some people, collecting teapots is a hobby and with so many styles to choose, who could blame them?As with any type of collectible, they vary in price and quality - there are plenty of online resources for anyone who is interested in starting a collection of their own.Display cabinets are a great way to showcase your purchases, otherwise why not incorporate them into your existing kitchen design?
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