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Celebrate Summer with Fruit Tea

Celebrate Summer with Fruit Tea

If you are not quite ready to say goodbye to the summer just yet, then why not celebrate the last remaining days with a fruity loose leaf tea? Not only is fruit tea a great natural alternative to sugary soft drinks, but it suits the summer months perfectly because of its subtle and refreshing flavours. So if you have never tried fruit tea before then there has never been a better time - here are some ideas of varieties that will complement your summer perfectly!

Safari Sunrise

The name of this loose leaf tea just screams summer - and it's not hard to see why! Not only are the leaves brightly coloured, but the flavours really come alive as the tea is freshly brewed. Safari Sunrise is a blend of rooibos tea with rose, marigold and cornflower petals, all drawn together with the sweetness of strawberry. You can drink this as you would any normal cup of tea or make it into a refreshing iced tea - just make sure you use cold water instead of boiled!

Shanghai Fairytale

Another summer favourite is Shanghai Fairytale, which is a blend of Chinese silver needle leaves, osmanthus flowers, safflower and jasmine petals. It can also be brewed as an iced tea as is known for its subtle flavours of peach and strawberry.

Japanese Cherry

If cherry and chocolate are more your thing then look no further than Japanese Cherry - a colourful infusion of rosella and jasmine flower petals. The refreshing tea has natural undertones of chocolate and cherry, giving it a sweetness that is sure to be a hit over the summer period. Either brew as an iced tea or enjoy hot with dessert - either way, it's the best way to enjoy a summer's day!
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