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Complement a day spa with relaxing tea

Complement a day spa with relaxing tea

With the rush of Christmas and New Year drawing to a close, there has never been a better time to visit a day spa. Owners are no doubt seeing an influx of people hoping to detox after those weeks of over-indulgence, so now is the perfect opportunity to invest in some relaxing tea. Tea has been hailed for its relaxation properties for centuries and spa owners can capitalise on this by providing it to customers as part of their experience. After all, it is often the little extras that people remember - the best part is that it is possible to buy tea online to make the process even easier!

Which teas are best for day spas?

Herbal tea is a popular option for a day spa, as it is light and delicate in flavour while also helping to relax both body and mind. Try Ayurvedic Anti-Stress Tea or Lemon Grass Ginger and Goji Berry, both of which are good crowd pleasers and will complement a spa day for all the right reasons. Alternatively, organic tea is great for helping the body to detox - invest in Peppermint Tea for a sweet and refreshing blend that will leave your guests feeling refreshed.

Out to impress?

If you would rather invest in a real show-stopper then look no further than our blooming tea. Best served in a glass teapot, these teas are specially made to flower in front of your very eyes, which is sure to stick in the minds of those attending your day spa. The petals are sewn together and will gradually bloom when they come into contact with boiling water, infusing the water with colour and flavour in the process. Best of all, they are available in a host of flavours so your day spa visitors can feel extra special.
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