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Cool down with a cup of tea

Cool down with a cup of tea

The thought of brewing a pot of loose leaf tea to cool you down may seem like a counterproductive exercise, but there is evidence to suggest that warm drinks can help the body temperature reduce.With temperatures soaring in parts of Australia, you will no doubt be in search of ways to make yourself more comfortable - and tea could provide the answer!

The evidence

There is some debate over whether tea does actually cool you down, or whether it is one of those myths that has been passed down the generations. Look at countries that are warm all year round - such as India - and you will see that tea drinking is very much a part of everyday life. The theory goes like this - tea helps to raise the body's temperature by causing an increase in heart rate, which in turn brings more blood to the surface of the skin. The body then works hard to cool itself down - a process that many people will no doubt have experienced over recent days! Drinking tea can also cause the body to sweat, which is its natural defence against becoming too hot.

The alternatives

If the thought of boiling the kettle on a hot day does not appeal, there are of course other ways to enjoy tea as the mercury rises. Iced tea is a great alternative - if you have fruit tea on hand then add it to cold water and leave to infuse before serving in a tall glass over ice. Treat it like you would 'normal' tea - for those who prefer the flavours to be strong then brew for longer and for a little extra sweetness, add sugar as you please and adjust to your personal taste. Enter your text here...
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