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De-stress with a cup of your favourite tea

De-stress with a cup of your favourite tea

Knowing how to unwind when you head home at the end of a busy day can be tough - so have you ever thought of indulging in a mug of health tea?Tea is well known for being able to relax the body and mind, giving you just what you need to de-stress when you come in from work or have spent the day looking after the kids.Whatever your day to day life entails, there is sure to be a loose leaf tea to suit your lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Anti-Stress Tea

As the name would suggest, Ayurvedic Anti-Stress Tea is a great product for helping you let all your worries go at the end of a busy day.Just brew as you would any other tea and drink black in order to receive the greatest flavour and aroma - let your senses go and your mind will follow!

Blooming teas

There is something quite relaxing about watching our unique range of blooming teas - the petals slowly unfold and infuse the boiling water with flavour and colour.These should be served in glass tea service sets for the best possible effect, as this will mean you can see the bud come into full bloom right before your eyes.The great thing about this range is that there are so many different varieties available - why not try out our green jasmine tea for a truly relaxing end to your day?

Green Tea

If you have ever heard about the health benefits of green tea then you will no doubt be keen to try out some varieties.There are so many different types of green tea available that the only trouble you will find is deciding which one to choose.For a little treat, give our Bi Luo Chun a try - it is considered one of the world's most prized teas.
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