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Delicious teas to try this summer

Delicious teas to try this summer

With the summer nearly in full swing, why not start thinking about what types of tea you want to try over the coming months? Summer is a great time to experiment with new varieties - with the sun shining and guests visiting for barbeques, expanding your tea collection has never made more sense.

Fruit tea

Fruit tea and summer go hand in hand - the delicate flavours of these varieties make them perfect for sipping on a warm afternoon. Even some of the names of the teas just scream summer. Why not indulge in a cup of Safari Sunrise, which is a blend of rooibos tea with rose, cornflower and marigold petals? Alternatively, Shanghai Fairytale is a great option as it blends Chinese silver needle leaves with osmanthus flowers and safflower. For a truly indulgent summer drink, Turkish Delight is a must - it combined black tea with rosehip peels and rosella flower petals.

Green tea

This is another top option for summer drinking as it is light and refreshing - just what you need when the temperatures start to rise! There are so many different varieties of green tea to choose from, ranging from the aromatic Jasmine Green Tea to Peppermint Green. One of the best things about these teas is that they go well with any food you might be serving, simply because they are so delicate on the tastebuds.

White tea

Another delicate tea variety is white tea, which like its green counterpart, is easy to brew and just as easy on the palate. If you want a universal crowd-pleaser the next time you are entertaining family or friends, introduce them to white tea and they will not be disappointed. Although it is generally less aromatic than green tea, it is the ideal accompaniment to a summer's evening.
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