What food should you serve with afternoon tea?

What food should you serve with afternoon tea?

The concept of afternoon tea has been around for generations - it may have undergone some changes over the years, but there are some staple snacks that you should serve. For a truly luxurious afternoon tea, you might want to think about putting together some of the following foods for your guests. Don't forget to think carefully about the teas you serve, as each will have its own distinctive characteristics.

Victoria sponge

You can't beat a traditional Victoria sponge - it is a plain cake, usually filled with jam and sugar, perhaps with a layer of cream! This is a quick and easy recipe that you can try out at home - the sweetness is a great contrast to the bold black tea that you will probably be serving.


Go for afternoon tea anywhere and the chances are that you will be faced with scones. Jam and cream are the perfect accompaniments - remember to keep things dainty to avoid your guests getting too full up! You could even make savoury scones using cheese if you want to try something different. These are delicious served plain, or with a thin layer of spread.

Finger sandwiches

Sandwiches are another afternoon tea staple - for a little extra elegance, remove the crusts and keep them small. The fillings are up to you, so why not experiment with something luxurious such as smoked salmon and cream cheese, as well as a more refreshing option like cucumber?


OK, so cupcakes might have experienced a surge in popularity over recent years, but they do make an exciting addition to any afternoon tea. Although slightly less traditional than the other options mentioned, they do look attractive and can be made extra small so your guests can eat them in one mouthful!
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