Fruit Tea

Exotic Fruit tea is enough to make anyone fall in love with the feeling of summer. Fruit teas are black teas flavoured with a natural essence of fruit. Popular Fruit tea flavours include cherry, apple, blackcurrant, raspberry, orange, strawberry, peach, and blueberry. Many fruit teas are made from combinations of fruits, and some also include herbs and spices. Technically fruit teas are not teas; rather infusions of fruit flavours, also known as tisanes, fruit teas are usually made using fruit juices or steeped in hot water and can be made at home as well. Made in the same way as traditional black tea, fruit is grated and shredded into fine pieces and then dried. On average a Fruit tea may contain up to nine ingredients, all which play a vital role in the end product of the tea. In a lot of ways Fruit tea is regarded as a rather recent custom, being especially popular with children and those who want a healthy drink without the caffeine. Fruit tea provides a fresh and revitalising cocktail and can be served both hot and cold. In the warmer months is serves as a perfect cool-me-down and once it gets more cold it is very relaxing and warming to the senses. The great thing with fruit teas is that they are not overly sweet and still have all the benefits which can be found in the raw form of the fruit used. There is no added sugar, as all the sweetness comes from the natural sugars contained in the fruits. ​

Choosing a good tea to suit your taste can be a positive experience as you get to try and test out many types of teas and familiarise yourself with the tastes and aromas of each. Another common mistake people make is assuming that Fruit tea is restricted to only drinking, such is not the case, it can be used in many other ways, for example being added to cooking for things such as desserts, smoothies and ice cream. The ever important thing to know about Tea Blossoms is the wonderful way we use a combination of black, green, white and red tea, with herbs, natural flowers and dried fruit. By incorporating a different variety of sensual flavours and aromas, there is a taste to suit everyone. Each tea and combination of brings its own set of benefits, depending on what is included.

The teas are specially formulated to provide only the very best tea tasting experience. Tea Blossoms offers a beautiful and sensual range of fruit teas, such as the exotic Japanese Cherry tea, this blend of Japanese Green Sencha tea mixed with Rosella and Jasmine flower petals complemented with natural cherry flavour and subtle chocolate finish. Together, they blend to create a colourful infusion. The red square and safari sunrise are also popular choices. To see the collection of fruit teas Tea Blossoms has to offer, click on the link. It is also very simple to recreate Fruit tea at home, using the flavours you specifically want but nothing can go beyond the beautifully formulated fruit teas that Tea Blossoms has to offer. Suitable to please everyone's personal sense of taste, they never fail to impress and are guaranteed to have you coming back from more. Why would you want to go back to second class, when first class is so much better?

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