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Have a Great Day Start with Tea

Have a Great Day Start with Tea

As any day spa owner will know, keeping guests relaxed is all part of the experience and something they expect as soon as they walk through the door. While calming music and a muted colour scheme can go some way to achieving this, there are many benefits to serving tea as part of the experience. Buying quality wholesale tea is just part of the battle - you will need to choose teas that have the right impact on your guests.


Here are some ideas of tea varieties that will leave your customers feeling great and keen to come back time and time again.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos is a herbal tea that has been known for centuries for its calming effect on both body and mind. We have a wide selection of different types, including honey rooibos and safari sunrise, which blends rooibos with rose, marigold and cornflower petals.

Scented teas

Going to a day spa is about awakening all the senses, which is why you will find our scented teas do just the job. English rose is a great choice thanks to its subtle flavour and relaxing scent - black tea is combined with rose and marigold flower petals.

Green tea

The health benefits of green tea have been documented for centuries, which makes it a natural choice for your day spa. Green jasmine is a fantastic choice due to its delicate flavour - a hint of sweetness helps bring this tea to another level.

Blooming tea

To give your guests something extra special to remember your spa by, why not try out one of our blooming teas? Simply place the bud in hot water and watch as the petals come to life. They not only provide a great tasting tea, but are also relaxing to look at as the buds get to work.
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