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High Time for The High Tea

High Time for The High Tea

The Queen does it, Mrs Obama goes it, and if you're not indulging in a regular High Tea, then you're not up with what's hot from London to L.A. For centuries, every prestige hotel has had a High Tea as part of their regular offering to guests and visitors, Now the trend has reached the homes of the rich and famous. Anyone who is anyone is hosting a High Tea for friends and loved ones.

Apart from the numerous health and beauty benefits, the wonderful choice of boutique tea varieties has made the humble “cuppa" the must-serve at celebrity homes in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. And it's now the height of chic to sit in a chilled-out lounge sipping on an aromatic tea while discussing your busy schedules with friends.

The delight of High Tea has now found a place in homes around the globe as friends catch up in a relaxed atmosphere of convivial gentility. High teas have even become popular for occasions such as bridal showers and hens nights.

Now there's an opportunity to host a High Tea yourself, but without any fuss. Tea Blossoms, one of Australia's favourite boutique tea companies, can arrange everything. Your guests will have a chance to try an incredible array of boutique teas that most wouldn't have tasted before. The experts at Tea Blossoms will help you select your teas and provide professional advice on the Do's and Don'ts of High Teas. Your friends will be amazed and delighted.

If you prefer, there's a full selection of beneficial herbal teas and magnificent organic teas like English breakfast, Earl Grey and Lemon grass tea. But it is their selection of Blooming teas that has made Tea Blossoms the first stop for those ahead of the trend. Blooming Tea is made by hand through an innovative and complex process that entwines the highest grade special green and black tea of fresh spring crops with natural herbal flowers. The result is a most unique appearance, splendid infusion view and lingering flower scent.

Blooming teas come in many varieties with green, white, black tea base blooms with natural fruit and herbal flavouring, Blooming teas like Marigold, Glob Amaranth and Jasmine flavour, are even being used to make funky cocktails.

More and more research is pointing to the health and beauty benefits of tea, so now is the perfect time to host your first High Tea. Be the one that starts the trend among your circle your friends will love you for it. So whether it's tea for beauty, health or simply refreshment, start your discovery of the amazing range of boutique teas at teablossoms.com.au

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