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Holding a dinner party? Finish on the right note with tea

Holding a dinner party? Finish on the right note with tea

Knowing what to serve at a dinner party is a difficulty that has been around for generations - but there is one way to make sure that your guests leave feeling contented.It is often seen as traditional to serve coffee at the end of a meal, but the truth is that tea can leave just as good an impression.If you carefully select the tea to serve then your guests will appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into the decision - the only problem you might have is stopping them coming every week!

How to choose the right tea

You have two options when it comes to choosing a tea to go with a meal - playing it safe or taking a risk.There are several varieties of loose leaf tea that are considered crowd pleasers, such as English Breakfast.These generally go down well with most people and are the best choice if your friends and family don't like anything too out of the ordinary.Alternatively, you might want to encourage them to try something new for a change - why not consider one of our lesser known varieties, such as Ceylon or Chai?Whichever tea you choose, make sure you refer to the brewing instructions to achieve the best possible taste.

Stand out with blooming teas

We also have a range of blooming teas, which are ideal if you really want to create a lasting impression.Simply add the buds to boiling water and watch as the petals unfold, infusing the water with flavour and colour as they do.With several varieties available, you could even match the tea you choose with the person who will be drinking it - why not leave a short description of the tea on the table for your guests to read?
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