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Own a hotel? Impress your guests with quality tea

Own a hotel? Impress your guests with quality tea

As any hotelier will know, making a good first impression on guests is essential. From the moment they walk through the front door, it is the attention to detail that people will notice most. Hotels will often put a lot of thought into the quality of the bedding, comfort of mattresses and perhaps even the glassware - but what about the type of tea you are serving?

Whether you are providing tea in the bedroom so guests can brew themselves a cup as they retire for the evening, or are wondering what to serve in the restaurant, only the best will do!


Here are some considerations hotel owners should make when it comes to selecting what to purchase from a tea supplier.

Type of tea

If you own a large hotel, it is probably a good idea to choose a selection of teas that will appeal to the masses. Black tea is the most popular across the world, so make sure you have plenty in stock! English Breakfast is an all-round crowd pleaser. You could provide it in the guest rooms in tea bag form and maybe serve it in the on-site restaurant as a loose leaf tea. After all, at the end of a hectic day, tea bags are perfect for making an ideal cup of tea without having to contend with strainers and other equipment! Another popular type of tea is Earl Grey, which has some floral notes and can be served either with or without milk.

Speciality tea

Any high-class establishment should have a range of speciality teas on offer to make a really good impression. You might want to think about serving some green tea varieties such as Sencha, or maybe even a herbal tea like Camomile. Any good tea supplier should offer guidance on what types will be best suited to your establishment.
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