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Impress Your Guests with Blooming Teas — A Great Party Idea

Impress Your Guests with Blooming Teas — A Great Party Idea

When you think about having a party, what drinks come to mind? If you accustomed to the typical party fare, drinks will include wine, beer, cocktails and soft drinks. But there’s an exciting alternative for your next party – blooming teas.

What are blooming teas?

Blooming teas (also called flowering teas) are made up of a bundle of young, dried tea leaves that are wrapped around one or more dried flowers, such as red lily, chrysanthemum, hibiscus, jasmine, marigold, globe amaranth and other beautiful flowers. Blooming teas are produced by binding tea leaves and flowers together into a bulb and then dehydrating them. When placed in hot water to steep, the bundle expands and unfurls, looking like a blooming flower. The flowers inside the bundle transform into an amazing centrepiece.This turns tea drinking into a visual as well as a taste experience, not to mention the health benefits of tea. 


How to make a pot of blooming tea?

To get started you will need a glass teapot to watch the blooming tea unfold. Place the blooming tea ball in the bottom of the teapot. Pour boiling water over the ball so that there is sufficient water for it to fully bloom – around 7cm to 10cm. Now you only have to wait 5 to 10 minutes to watch the flower bloom. The next step is to gently stir the pot to release the concentrated brew from under the flower. Serve to your party guests and enjoy the flavour. 


Blooming tea party ideas

One idea is to have a tasting party to compare varieties of blooming teas. Similar to wine tasting it will fun and allow your guests to be more involved. A tea tasting party will leave you and your guests feeling refreshed. You and your guests can keep tasting notes on each of the varieties to taste. Discuss what you thought about the subtleties of each tea. At the end of the tasting, you can vote on which teas were enjoyed the most and determine the favourite of the day.


Blooming teas for all seasons

Blooming teas can be enjoyed throughout the year. In summer, choose lighter teas combined with tea sandwiches, salads and other cold foods. In winter, a blooming tea party can be a warming experience to chase away the winter blues. Pies, pastries and other warm dishes will complement the visual and taste experience of serving blooming teas.

Plan your blooming tea party

Now that you know how much fun a blooming tea party can be, why not treat your dear and near ones with get together at your place? You will give your guests a unique experience that will introduce them to the flavour and elegance of blooming teas. The exotic range of blooming teas comes with relishing flavours stimulate both your body and mind alike.Discover the range of blooming teas available to start planning your first tea party. 

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