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Loose leaf tea might be less hassle than you think

Loose leaf tea might be less hassle than you think

There are many excuses that people give for not using loose leaf tea, but the most common is that it is simply too time consuming.

Let's put things into perspective - does it take any less time to spoon a couple of teaspoons of loose leaves into a teapot than it does to place a teabag straight into a cup? Probably not. There are various misconceptions when it comes to loose leaf tea, when the fact is that it can create a great tasting cuppa without nearly as much time and effort as you might think. After all, people are often willing to sit and wait for a cafetiere to brew, so why not dedicate the same amount of time to making tea? How to brew loose leaf tea As already suggested, all you need to do with loose leaf tea is decide how many cups you are making and place the equivalent number of teaspoons of leaves into your teapot - simple! How long you leave them to brew for will depend on your taste. It is usually recommended that they are left for between three and five minutes for the best flavour - any longer and your tea may turn out bitter.

The advantages of loose leaf tea

It is often argued that loose leaf tea has the best flavour, not least because each of the individual leaves has remained intact and can therefore infuse the hot water with better colour and taste. You will also find that loose leaf tea has a fresher taste to it - the leaves are laid out once they have been picked and allowed to dry out, therefore retaining all the nutrients more effectively. The next time you come to make a cup of tea, give loose leaf a try - you won't be disappointed!
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