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Make an impression with blooming tea

Make an impression with blooming tea


Tea has been used for centuries as a means of impressing and entertaining guests - whether it's a special variety you serve, or your choice of tea service sets, the drink really has a chance to make an impression. So what if you could create a real showstopper the next time you have friends or family over for afternoon tea? With our range of blooming tea you can - and all you need is a glass teapot.

What is blooming tea?

If you haven't come across blooming tea before, it is a ball of tea leaves that have been sewn together. This gives the tea a bulb-like form, which will open up when it comes into contact with boiling water. As the name suggests, the flower will start to bloom and eventually appear as a flower sat in the bottom of whatever vestibule you choose.

Varieties of blooming tea

One of the best things about this product is that it is available in many of your favourite tea varieties. We offer jasmine green tea, vanilla black tea and even a mixed variety - to name just a few. They are all easy to brew and aside from the fact they look pretty special, taste great too!

Serving blooming tea

In order to get the maximum impact out of your blooming tea, it is recommended that you serve it in a glass teapot, or for individual servings, in glasses designed for hot drinks. This will allow the bud to open before your guests' eyes and create a real centrepiece to your high tea or other event - they also make great gifts. Boiling water is essential for encouraging the leaves of the bud to open - this will be a gradual process and you can see the liquid becoming infused with the flavour and colour of the tea.
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